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NOAA National Calibration Center

Inter-agency Calibration Working Group

NCC fosters inter-agency collaboration through the Inter-agency Calibration Working Group (ICWG), which consists of key calibration scientists from NOAA, NASA, and NIST, for which the membership can be expanded to include other agencies. NCC leverages complementary calibration resources and capabilities from the participating agencies which will allow us to benefit from technical exchange, apply advanced laboratory technology to real world satellite observations, leverage NASA research to operations (R2O) and investment in calibration research, provide long-term data quality assurance at NOAA, and better connect to the user community. The ICWG will use NCC as the working level interface across agencies. The ICWG members will also play an important role in the organization of the annual conference to be held by the NCC to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas with the community. The ICWG members selected by the NCC director will review the NCC research and development program annually, including the strategic plan, program plan, and annual operating plan with each member independently providing recommendations.

The ICWG was initially formed in February 2010 with ten founding members who are key calibration scientists from the three agencies, NOAA, NIST and NASA to lay the ground work for establishing the NCC.