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Advanced Baseline Imager(ABI)

GOES-R ABI Spectral Response Functions (SRF) Release for all ABI Flight Models (FM): PFM (aka FM1) on GOES-16,
FM2 on GOES-17, FM3 on GOES-18, and FM4


03/10/2016 - The SRFs for all ABI flight modules were delivered by the vendor and released by the CWG and are posted here. For PFM (aka FM1) this release (Version 3) supersedes previous versions.

Model File Size Last Modified
PFM, FM2, FM3, FM4 Read me 22 K 03/10/2016
ABI vendor SRF delivery (all modules) 11.451 K 03/10/2016
CWG processed PFM (version 3) (GOES 16) 259 K 03/10/2016
CWG processed FM2 (GOES 17, 60K) 214 K 03/10/2016
CWG processed FM2 (GOES 17 IR, 81K) 214 K 09/04/2019
CWG processed FM3 (GOES-18) 219 K 03/10/2016
CWG processed FM4 224 K 03/10/2016