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02/10/2017: VIIRS Single-gain Band Saturation in Native Resolution before Aggregation [CCR-2014-007]. Please click here to see
the document.

12/18/2013: Suomi NPP SDR Calibrated/Validated Maturity Review. Please click here to see annoucement.

7/5/2012: VIIRS SDR is now available to the public through CLASS ( Release notes can be found here.

6/22/2012 : NCC Calibration Seminar: Automated calibration of optical sensors using a low-cost kHz OPO laser system.
(Flyer: NCC_Seminar_low cost laser system.pdf Presentation: Zong_NOAA_NCC_Seminar[1].pdf).

5/21 - 5/23, 2012: NOAA/NESDIS/STAR & KMA/NMSC Technical Working Group Meeting.Here

4/27/2012: NCC Calibration Seminar: SI-traceable terrestrial broad-band solar measurements. (Flyer: NCC_Seminar_pyrheliometer.pdf)

4/17/2012: The VIIRS Cal/Val Workshop will be held on April 17th and 18th at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

4/5/2012: The VIIRS SDR Review Meeting will be held on April 5th at the World Weather Building in Camp Springs, MD.

2/17/2012: NCC & GSICS Seminar: Lunar Metrology for Satellite Instrument Calibration by Dr. Steven Brown (NIST). (Flyer: NCC_Seminar_lunarMetrology.pdf; Presentation Slides: 2012_Lunar_Talk_NCC_NOAA.pdf)

12/7/2011: A recent report by John Paul Douglas and Michael Weinreb entitled "Reduction in Accuracy of GOES Calibration from Use of Scan-Mirror Emission Measurements from the Lab instead of from Orbit," has been added to the Research section. Here

11/22/2011: The first VIIRS images were acquired yesterday and are undergoing analysis. Check back to see the image when it's released.

11/21/2011: VIIRS first images produced.

11/8/2011: The VIIRS instrument was powered on today. Stay tuned for more updates.

11/8/2011: NPP SNO and daily trajectory predictions are now available and can be found here.

11/28/2011:NPP was successfully launced today from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. Video.

10/11/2011: Press release article on NCC in StakeHolderUpdate10112011.pdf.

9/16/2011: The VIIRS Calibration ATBD has been publicly released and is available for download. You can access it here.

9/15/2011:The FAQ has been updated with a comparison of GOES-R with the current GOES imagers.

9/15/2011: The ABI PFM Spectral Response Functions, originally posted on September 7th, have been moved to the Public Data page. You can access them directly here].

9/15/2011: A new Public Data page has been created, intended to house data and documents that are available for public release. It can be found here.

9/7/2011: A team of experts at NOAA have formed a new center to fine-tune data from NOAA environmental satellites and others from around the world, which will improve the forecast skill of NOAA's weather, climate and ocean models. Here.

9/7/2011: ABI PFM Spectral Response Functions (SRFs) have been released and are available on the wiki here.

9/6/2011: NCC Charter signed.

8/22/2011: RVS LUT change proposed for bands M1, I2, M12, and I5 for granule ID: RNSCA-RVIRS_npp _ d20100906_t0613141 _ e0614395_b00004 _ c20110726075054107299_ noaa_ops.h5.

8/22/2011: All SDR and EDR team leads will have a daily tag-up meeting with the JPSS Program Office at 4pm EDT from August 22 - 26.

8/22/2011: Daily tag-up meetings will take place with the VIIRS SDR organizational leads from August 22 - 26 at 2pm EDT.

8/19/2011: The NPP Rehearsal #2 will take place from August 22 - 26.

7/21/2011: The STAR VIIRS calibration website is launched! Check back for news and updates.

7/7/2011: The NCC wiki web established.

1/23 - 1/27, 2011: 91st AMS Annual Meeting, 8th Conference on Space Weather.

9/27 - 09/30, 2010: 17th Conference on Satellite Meteorology and Oceanography, Annapolis, MD

9/17/2010: GOES-R CWG Annual Review, MIT Lincoln Labs, Lexington, MA

9/2010: Baseline version of GOES-R Cal/Val Plan Volume 1: L1b Data due

9/3/2010: Presentations review in preparation for GOES-R CWG Annual Review (10:00AM - 1:00 PM rm712)

8/23 - 8/26, 2010: CALCON Technical Conference on Characterization and Radiometric Calibration for Remote Sensing.

8/16 - 8/17, 2010:CalPOP Meeting 2010. The presentation slides will be made available at

8/11/2010: Spatial, Spectral, and Radiometric Characterization and Comparison of Libyan and Sonoran Desert Calibration Sites in Support of GOES-R Vicarious Calibration: Desert Site Characterization Seminar by Monica Cook (10:00AM - 10:30AM rm701)

8/11/2010: GOES-15 PLT Science Test starts. Detailed information can be found at

8/6/2010: Presentations review in preparation for GOES-R CWG Annual Review (10:00AM - 12:00 PM rm712)

8/2/2010: Only members of the GOESRCalibrationWorkingGroup have access to Knowledge Database Meetings and their subtopics. To become a member of the GOESRCalibrationWorkingGroup, please contact the webmaster. For instructions on how to change the permissions of a topic (i.e. to make it view-accessible only to members of the GOESRCalibrationWorkingGroup, see CWG Permission Help.

8/2/2010: Software Quality Assurance Meeting (10:00AM - 12:00PM rm712)

7/30/2010: Annual Review Meeting (9:30AM - 11:30AM rm712)

7/27/2010: The wiki is up and running!