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NOAA National Calibration Center

For more information about VIIRS calibration activities and the work referenced on this site, please contact a member of our team.

Contact List: 12/01/2017
Name E-Mail Role Affiliation
Changyong Cao Management Lead NOAA / STAR
Frank DeLuccia Technical Lead Aerospace Corporation
Slawomir Blonski STAR Technical Lead NOAA / STAR
Jack Xiong NASA Lead NASA / GSFC
Robert Wolfe NASA Lead NASA / GSFC
Chris Moeller University of Wisconsin Lead UW / SSEC
Alexander Ignatov STAR SST EDR Interaction Lead NOAA / STAR
Menghua Wang STAR Ocean Color EDR Interaction Lead NOAA / STAR
Ivan Csiszar STAR Land EDR Interaction Lead NOAA / STAR
Yan Bai Webmaster UMD/CICS