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Current IDPS LUTs

  • Majority of the LUTs used for VIIRS SDR processing are on the STAR ftp server (VIIRS IDPS LUTs).
    These LUTs are relatively static and updated monthly.
  • The F&H factors are updated daily and not included above, but instead should be obtained from CLASS ( Look for the VIIRS-RSBAUTOCAL-HISTORY-AUX files on CLASS.
  • The DNB straylight correction LUTs can be downloaded here. There is one LUT per month. They are relatively static and can
    be recycled annually. The VIIRS SDR team is currently assessing further improvements to the LUTs in the near future and additional update may be provided here when become available.
  • These LUTs are compatible with IDPS or ADL software version: Mx8.11.